These days, we are experiencing difficult and strange moments as a consequence of the global pandemic in which we are immersed in different ways depending on each country. However, despite the exceptional situation, the unions that make up Red Black Coordination cannot stop demanding a series of measures. In one way or another, we consider these demands essential for workers. Nor can we remain static in the face of certain events that, in one way or another, are happening around us.

Therefore, from the Red Black Coordination:

  • We demand basic income for laid off and precarious workers. As a consequence of the decrease in economic activity, many workers will be dismissed. And on the other hand, a lot of precarious workers will suffer more the consequence of the pandemic. For them, we demand a basic income that allows them to live in dignity.
  • In the same direction as the previous point, we demand rent and mortgage moratoriums for precarious workers and unempliyment with financial problems.
  • We defend public healthcare systems, which have been dismantled and sold to private funds.
  • We demand protective measures in jobs, especially for those essential jobs that must avoid contagion on a daily basis  such as health workers, firefighters or workers in the food sector.
  • We demand the cessation of all non-essential economic activity. It is necessary to stop production to avoid discriminated contagions and putting people before capital.
  • We demand help for battered women who are  now more vulnerable in this quarantine situation.
  • We appeal solidarity and mutual support not only for the elderly, dependent,  or vulnerable people but also for refugees because this situation in refugee camps will be more difficult because these people might not have enough means to provide for themselves.
  • We support growth in neighborhood initiatives that allow at-risk populations to remain at home and not to be exposed to this contagion.
  • We demand the defense of immigrants and condemn the increase in police raids and abuse by police authority.

Finally, we consider that we must reflect on the capitalist model in which we lives. The existence of large mass cities, as well as the agri-food exploitation system, may be one of the causes of the rapid spread of this disease, like previous ones (SARS), and of the existing social injustice.

In this sense, we condemn the capitalist system as the real culprit of the current situation, we must take measures to dismantle the current system and is necessary to decomplex our societies, avoiding both large cities and unsustainable modes of agricultural exploitation.